The Mannerheim museum develops its cooperation with similar museums and other actors in the field and maintains close contacts with the museum field and the research community. The museum activity is tinged with academic know-how and its tasks include a varied exploration of the Mannerheim myth. The museum aims to serve the general public, as well as influencer guests, in a variety of ways. The museum serves as a bridge-builder between the extensive popular historical interest in Finland, personified by the Finnish Marshal, and professional history studies and its networks.


The museum's partners have been quarters that belong to the foundations network, the University of Helsinki, the House of Nobility, the Finnish Defence Forces and other close quarters like the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Finnish Red Cross, the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare and the National Archives of Finland. Among the foreign diplomatic missions in Helsinki, the museum has collaborated with the embassies of Poland, Great Britain, Sweden, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania, France and Russia. The museum has had projects with the Finnish cultural institutions, the Helsinki Book Fair and a number of musicians.  Many other entities attached to Mannerheim's name, such as The Marshal Mannerheim Commemorative Foundation and the Knights Foundation of the Mannerheim Cross, collaboratively cherish the memory of Mannerheim.


Companies, in particular Oy Karl Fazer Ab, but also e.g. Graaf Ltd, Agency Leroy, Edrington Finland, Dan Ward - Runeberg's Flower, Boknäs, Genelec and Redbev have supported the museum activities. Domestic museums with which the Mannerheim Museum has recently collaborated include the National Museum of Finland, Museo Militaria, Gallen-Kallela Museum, Tamminiemi, Ainola and J.L. Runeberg’s Home.