FAQ– Frequently asked questions




Is a guided tour obligatory when visiting the museum?

Tours in the Mannerheim Museum are always accompanied by a guide and the tours mainly last one hour. To preserve the authentic home milieu, the museum does not feature any guide texts. Instead, the collections, their history and connection to Mannerheim are presented by competent museum guides. In addition to getting acquainted with the home itself, the tours provide the visitors with a deeper knowledge of the different parts of Mannerheim’s life.  Feel free to ask questions and discuss with our guides during the tour.


In which languages is it possible to attend a tour?

The Mannerheim Museum provides tours in six different languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, German, French and Russian. We recommend making a reservation in advance, especially if you wish to get the tour in some of the latter three languages.


Is the museum accessible?

Unfortunately, the Mannerheim Museum is not accessible to all, the reason being that the museum has strived to keep all museum facilities as authentic as possible. The first floor is accessible by wheelchair (not electric wheelchair) with an assistant. The second floor is accessed only by stairs, which require at least moderate mobility. Visually impaired visitors can be attended with special tours by reservation. For a sign language interpreter, it is possible to participate in a tour with the assisted visitor. If necessary, the Head of staff Toni Piipponen will provide further information.


Is there museum shop in the Mannerheim Museum? 

There is a small gift shop in the museum, which offers postcards, novelties and relevant Mannerheim-literature in various languages. The museum is not currently running a web shop nor is it delivering products by post. The shop is open during the museum’s opening hours. 





I am doing a Mannerheim-themed media publication and I need more information and footage. How do I proceed?

Information about photographic and information services that the Mannerheim Museum provides can be found in the photographic and information services section on the website. Interview requests can be aimed directly to the museum director. We strive respond to information service requests within 1-2 weeks, depending on the extent of the request. 


I am conducting Mannerheim-related research. Is there a possibility to study the collections more closely?

The Mannerheim Museum aims to enable collections to be used in research. However, due to the unfinished nature of cataloguing collections, not all requests for research can be carried out at the moment. For more information on the collections and accessible material, please contact the museum researcher Liisa Oikari.

Please note that the vast majority of the private archives of Gustaf Mannerheim are located in the National Archives. The authorisation to study the material is granted on a discretionary basis by the State Archivist after consultation with a representative of the Mannerheim Foundation. You may consult the museum for more details about the material in the National Archives.


Our team would like to film an advertisement/insert/program at the museum, is it possible?

In principle, the museum does not give filming permission for other than its own productions. Special permits are granted by the Museum Director.


Our association/company/group would like to hold an event at the museum. How to do I proceed?

The museum premises are primarily reserved for events held by the Mannerheim Foundation and the museum itself. If schedules permit, private events may be held by external parties at the discretion of the museum director. The museum may impose restrictions on such occasions taking into account the nature of the premises and collections. Practical arrangements are handled in close cooperation with the museum amanuensis.


We are looking for funders/partners for our Mannerheim-related project. How do we proceed?

The Mannerheim Museum does not fund projects produced by other entities. Proposals for cooperation may be made if the affiliation with Mannerheim’s persona is strong. However, the museum is happy to hear about ongoing projects.





I have a postcard with a picture of Mannerheim. Is the museum willing to add it to its collections?

The collections at the Mannerheim Museum mainly consist of the archives and objects personally owned by Gustaf Mannerheim in the Kaivopuisto villa. The museum does not amass its collections with Mannerheim memorabilia or Mannerheim-related material.


I have a postcard/letter/note written by Mannerheim or an object previously owned by him. Is the museum willing to add it to its collections?

The collections of the Mannerheim Museum are very thoughtfully accumulated. The museum attaches special importance to the context and provenience of the material. If you are in possession of an object, photograph or archival material that has a strong connection to Mannerheim and you think is of interest to the museum, please contact the Museum Director. Every possible donation is handled with care and a certificate of donation is given, where the ownership of the object to be donated will transfer to the Mannerheim Museum. 


I have a Mannerheim-related photograph. Is the museum willing to add it to its collections?

Contact the museum info (info at mannerheim-museo.fi). The museum staff will check if the photograph in question already is a part of the photography collection. If the photograph is not in the museum’s collection and the museum is interested in the photograph, a donation agreement will be made, with ownership and user rights transferring to the Mannerheim Museum.


I have a decoration/medal my grandparent received from Mannerheim. Would the museum be willing to add it to its collections?

The collections at the Mannerheim Museum primarily consist of the archives and objects personally owned by Gustaf Mannerheim in the Kaivopuisto villa.  The medal of honour bestowed upon your grandparent or other relative certainly contains sentimental value, and the medal would surely be of more pleasure when it is preserved in the ownership of the family.


I have a Mannerheim-related medal/sculpture/painting/other object or archival material. What is its monetary value?

The Mannerheim Museum follows the ethical instructions of the museum sector and therefore does not give price estimations. However, the museum can provide possible additional information about the object.  In terms of the value definition, it's worth turning to auctioneers.