The main asset of the organisation is its human resources. The Mannerheim museum staff consists of highly polyglot and diversely trained guides, cashiers and museum caretakers. Traditionally the museum has recruited history students from Helsinki university as guides. Museological knowledge and other skills are also appreciated. As the museum is run independently, as an organisation based on historical research, the guides are also free and liable to present history objectively taking into account the perspectives and wishes of each guest. The museum personnel participates in information service, events and exhibition work.


More recently, the Mannerheim Foundation has invested in the museum's professional development and stepped up the museum's operations by increasing human resources. The amanuensis Toni Piipponen has been part of the museum staff since 2015, his duties include administrative, substantive and visit-related tasks. Liisa Oikari was appointed as a full-time researcher in the beginning of 2020 and is responsible for the museum collections. Märtha Norrback started as the new museum director in the beginning of 2022.


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