Kansainvälisen kurssin (Introduction to Finnish History) opiskelijoiden kommentteja vierailusta museolla:


"What I found most pleasant about the whole experience and something that I will always remember was the kind hospitality of the museum operators to allow students to make an exclusive and private visit." (Sydney, Australia)

"Stoic and traditional are the words that come to mind when describing the house, and in a sense out of place and out of time." (Finland)

"The thing that I found most interesting and surprising was the fact that he was friends with Gallen-Kallela and Sibelius, I always saw Mannerheim as a soldier, a fierce, strong and manly man. I never thought he was the kind of man who could appreciate the finesse and sensitivity of art and classical music. That is why the great number of books in his house also surprised me. I was stunned to see so many works, in so many different languages, and so many different genres, it showed me that Mannerheim was mch more than just a fighter, he also had a very different, refined side." (Netherlands)