Архив фотодокументов

The Mannerheim Museum possesses vast photo archives based on Marshal Mannerheim's own albums and individual photographs and expanded with other pictures received as gifts. It is possible to order photographs, which can be supplied either in digital form or as prints to the size required.

Here are a few examples of photographs from the archives. Each one can be enlarged and given a caption by clicking on it. The captions list the people in the photographs from the viewer's perspective.

Address for enquiries and prices: info(a)mannerheim-museo.fi or tel. (09) 635 443.

Photographic collections not belonging to the Mannerheim Museum archives:

Photographs taken during Mannerheim's journey to Asia in 1906—1908. These are the property of the Société Finno-Ougrienne and are kept in the photo archives of the National Board of Antiquities.

Pictures taken by official field photographers during the Second World War, i.e. the Winter War and Continuation War, which belong to the Finnish Defence Forces' photographic centre.

Wartime pictures taken by persons other than official field photographers which are kept in the Finnish Military Museum.