The museum depicts the home of Marshal Mannerheim as it was in the late 1940s.

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Field-Marshal Mannerheim on his 70th birthday, 4.6.1937.

Permanent exhibitions:


Two military careers:
As a cavalry officer in Russia and as a war-time military commander and statesman in Finland.






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Mannerheim Cross, First Class, of the Order of the Cross of Liberty.

Exhibition of medals and decorations:


Medals and decorations received by Mannerheim over a period of 60 years.





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Mannerheim's expedition party before the climb onto the Muzart Glacier in the Tian Shan Mountains (Photograph: Société Finno-Ougrienne).

Across Asia on horseback:


An exhibition of Mannerheim's journey across Asia in 1906-1908 and kaleidoscope of photographs taken by him in the course of his travels.







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The Marshal of Finland's last journey, on 4th February 1951.

The Marshal of Finland's last journey:


The death of Baron Gustaf Mannerheim, Marshal of Finland, on 28th January 1951 and his funeral on 4th February are commemorated on four weekends each year with showings of the film "The Marshal of Finland's Last Journey", by permission of the Finnish Film Archive. There are no showings of pictures from his Asian expedition on these days.





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Special exhibitions:

Mannerheim the Reader - the Marshal's library. What can we learn about Mannerheim's life and person through his books?





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Karsbad 1927

The exhibition "A Gentleman and a cosmopolitan" was opened on Independence day 6.12.2009.